We're Builders Ourselves

The people behind ProBuilder Online are builders. We have more than five decades of experience managing the construction of hundreds of residential and commercial projects. In fact, we're still active, managing construction projects across Canada.

We know the challenges facing home builders, contractors, and renovators first-hand. We speak your language.

We Knew our Cobbled-Together Mess Wasn't Working

Before we built ProBuilder Online, we were strugglying to run our projects with a mishmash mess of spreadsheets, email, Google docs, paper, and everything else.

It was impossible to keep everything in sync as information moved from one system to another. Information was difficult to find and keep track of, communication with the customer and with our subcontractors was spotty, and there was always the risk that something would fall through the cracks.

It was tough to track schedules, stick to budgets, manage employees and subcontractors, complete punch lists, and handle the thousands of other tasks that come with getting a project built. And it was difficult to know if we'd make money or lose money on a project.

We knew we wouldn't thrive while continuing to rely on multiple, disconnected systems.

We Built ProBuilder Online because No Other System met our Needs

As we considered a replacement, we figured we'd readily find an automated solution to meet our needs. It turned out to be a frustrating search.

We looked high and low for professional software to manage our construction projects. But everything we found suffered from fatal flaws:

Rather than continuing to struggle with our poorly-performing system or committing to an automated system that didn't fit our operation, we opted to build our own solution.

Based on our own experience, we built ProBuilder Online to meet the needs of other small and mid-sized contractors:

We've Proven that ProBuilder Online Works

We've relied on ProBuilder Online to help us manage hundreds of projects including mid-rise apartments, low-rise apartments, commercial complexes, townhome projects, general contracting projects, single family homes and renovations.

Using ProBuilder Online, we've gained more control of projects, worked more efficiently and profitably, and built a positive professional reputation.