Create Your First Project

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So you're ready to set up your first project?

Read along for 3 minutes and then you will know the setup process for any future project you do within ProBuilder Online.

The first step when starting a new project is just that, you need a project to start. This could be a spec build where you are building the project in hopes that you can sell it later, it could be a project that has an established buyer, or it could be a renovation. All types of projects are run in a similar way, but do have minor variations.

In ProBuilder Online simply click the “New Project” button to begin.

Next enter a name for the project and click “OK”.

Now you should enter some specific details that you know about the project.

If some of the information is unknown, that’s alright, just come back and enter that information when/if it becomes available.

The first window you will be taken to is the “Project Address” window.

Here you can modify the “Project Name” at any point.

If you are setting the project up but don’t want it to appear live yet, deselect the “Project is Current” checkbox and the project won’t appear in your active projects list.

Now you should enter the “Address” of the project along with the “City”, “State” or “Province”, “Zip Code” or “Postal Code” and the “Project Country”. Enter any of the knowns, and leave the rest blank.

The more information you have filled out, the more professional your documents will look when they are generated internally or for clients.

If you use TimeClock and wish to use TimeClock for this job, click the checkbox and then click “Next” to continue.

Now you are taken to the Project Photo screen. Here you have the option to upload a photo of your project so that you have a visual reference for which project you are working on. This step is encouraged, but doesn’t affect the usability of the program.

If you do upload a photo it will appear on the Project Home Screen above the left menu items.

The final window you are taken to is the Project Currency & Taxes window.

Make sure you have the correct currency chosen for the project “USD” or “CAD”.

If you are using your standard taxes, choose them for your Purchasing and Selling Taxes, otherwise you can add new taxes via the “Tax Setup” button.

Once you’ve completed your tax setup click "Done", and your project is ready to go.

Create Your First Project

ProBuilder Online is by far the easiest to use Construction Management software on the market.

This is a quick guide on some best practices for setting up your company correctly to get the most out of your new account.

When you initially sign up, you will be greeted by a quick walkthrough of the home screen. Follow through the minute long demonstration and then we can get started.

Now the fun can begin, let’s get your company up and running!

Go to the left menu bar and click on “Company”, this will open up a drop down and reveal “Company Setup”.

Click "Company Setup". Now you can see the “Company Info” window. Some of the information in this window is already filled out from your signup, however you can update any information you want or need to.

Make sure you enter an Address and Zip Code or Postal Code

Now any documents you produce will have a complete and correct address. You can also "Upload a Logo" which will be added to all of your documents.

Once you have filled out all of your company details, click “Next”.           

You are now at the “Define Accounts” window. This is where you can see the current library of cost codes for your company.

During the trial you are not able to add your own cost codes

you are limited to the industry standard list. Once you upgrade to a subscription, you can import your custom account list.

Cost codes are used to organize your budgets and track your purchases and payments.

Once you have examined the cost code list, click “Next” to go to the “Currency & Taxes” window. Here is where you will set up the default taxes and currency for your company.

If you do projects in multiple countries, or in states or provinces with different taxes, you can override the defaults for those specific projects.

Your currency will be automatically selected from your signup, but you can override that and choose either USD or CAD.

In some jurisdictions there are no purchasing or selling taxes, simply deselect the checkbox and you are done your company setup, the taxes will be left blank.

All other jurisdictions do require tax information though, so click “Tax Setup” to establish your taxes.

Within this window you can see your complete tax list.                              

You can add as many taxes as you need, however you are limited to 3 default purchasing taxes and 3 default selling taxes.

Click “Add Tax” to add your first tax.                                                              

First add a description of your tax, this is typically the full name of the tax. This could be something such _____ Provincial Tax or _____ State Tax.

Next choose how you would like that tax to be displayed within ProBuilder Online and on any documents you produce - this is usually a standard abbreviation.

Tax abbreviations are typically something similar to PST, GST, MST, etc.

Now enter your tax rate so that whenever you apply them, the taxes are calculated for you.

Finally decide if the tax is an expense, a tax where you do not get a refund, or a liability, where you receive a refund when you submit a remittance.

Once you have filled out all of the information, click "Save" to add the tax to your company list.

Once you have added all of your taxes, return to the “Currency & Taxes” window by clicking the “X” in the top righthand corner of the pop up.

Now you can assign you Purchasing Taxes and Selling Taxes as per your company requirements.

Once you are done, click “Company Home”, your company is set up and ready to go!