ProBuilder Online provides a complete construction management solution that automates the entire process from preparing an initial estimate to managing schedules, assigning work orders, handling all invoices and payments, working through punch lists, and tracking profitability.

Purchase Order

Save Time:  Work from templates to quickly prepare estimates and schedules.

Improve Accuracy: Eliminate paperwork and multiple entries across disconnected systems.

Enhance Your Professional Reputation:  Communicate clearly with customers.

Keep Better Control of Your Projects and Finances: Closely track schedules and costs to assess profitability.

Get Up and Running Quickly:  Get productive immediately without hours or days of training.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management

Take control of how you manage your projects with the most intuitive, fully featured tools available

Create Professional Estimates

Quickly create professional estimates, on demand for your clients.

Eliminate paper-based estimates that are difficult to keep track of and revise.

Work step-by-step through templates to add a customer, define the project type, add details, and define the cost items for the project.

Automatically generate a budget directly from the estimate, including any taxes or markups on each individual budget item. Budget templates are easy to create and allow you to generate new estimates instantly.

Specify the payment terms - lump sum, detailed, or a custom type – and assign costs for each line of the budget. Easily add options or additional documents to the estimate for a customer to decide on details for the project.

Present the budget for easy customer review and approval.  The customer is able to sign in, review, and approve the estimate from any desktop or mobile device, so work can begin.

Track Purchase Orders

Keep your costs organized with professional purchase orders.

Stop over-paying, losing track of costs, or over-running budgets.

​Create line-by-line purchase orders to properly identify all of your project costs. Purchase orders are paid through the payables module. Never overpay on a purchase order.

Purchase orders automatically connect to the budget, so it is easy to see how the job cost compares with your budget and the amount paid to date.

Print highly detailed reports showing exactly what is left to pay and what has been paid to date.

Set start and end dates for each purchase order to ensure accountability of your contractors. The linked schedule can be used to automatically select start and end dates for the purchase order.

Manage Budgets

Track budget vs. estimate to avoid overruns that cut into profits.

Organize the costs of your project by budget items, purchase order items, change orders and payments.

Review and edit your budget to ensure that cost-to-complete and projected profit are accurate.

Create Invoices

Generate invoices through a simple step-by-step process.  The invoice is based on the approved estimate for the project and can be generated in seconds.

Create professional invoices that are easy to understand.  Easily manage lengthy, complex projects that require multiple bills before completion.

Present professional looking invoices that can either be sent digitally or printed from a PDF.  Choose how best to bill your customers.

Quickly create invoices linked directly to your estimate.

Manage Financials

Never lose track of profitability.

See critical project information at a glance on easy-to-read gauges.

Drill down using the financial summary tool to see in real time what is happening for any facet of your project including the estimate, budget, profit, change orders, purchase orders and payments.

Know your precise costs and budget at any point in time to stay in control of your projects.

View financial data from anywhere.

Present Selections

Eliminate miscommunication and delays.

Create selections that the customer will choose by logging in through the customer portal. Show customers the selections and the cost assigned to them, and ensure they approve a change order to accept the costs of a selection.

Present customers a list of choices or allow them to fill in the details of a selection such as paint or carpet color. A vendor for a selection can be set with an allowance so the customer has a budget to make selections or upgrades through that vendor.

Quickly and easily set up selections for your customers.

Control Payables

Eliminate paperwork and errors.

Because it is so simple, there’s no need for a book keeper to enter your payables for payment.

If you choose to use a book keeper, simply give them user access and they can enter the payables from anywhere.

Write checks directly through your web browser by selecting the dates and payables you want to pay.  Checks are formatted to work with standard US and Canadian bank formats.

When done, simply export to QuickBooks and stay up to date.

Entering payables has never been so easy.

Integrate with QuickBooks

Cut paperwork and manual data entry.

Export transactions created in ProBuilder Online directly to QuickBooks. Keep project management and book-keeping in sync.  

The financial information in ProBuilder Online is live with any entries you make such as payments or inventory and will be updated in QuickBooks when you import the items.

Automatically keep your books up to date.

Schedule an Entire Project in Minutes

Schedule Projects

Never lose track again of what stage your projects are at or if tasks are being completed on time

Control Schedules

Take the guesswork out of coordinating all subcontractors, employees, and supplies.

Easily create custom schedules from scratch or use a template to keep organized.

Use the schedule tool to notify subcontractors on demand ahead of upcoming items.

Synchronize with purchase orders to automatically align with the project schedule.

​Quickly revise the project schedule using easy drag and drop features.

Easily see what stage each project is at on a weekly calendar display.

Tightly manage schedules to keep projects on track.

Connect Progress to Purchase Orders

Avoid being over-billed.

Working from a schedule of values for each purchase order, easily update the completion percentage from any device.

Receive an alert to avoid making a payment beyond the completion percentage of the project.

Accurately pay against the progress on each item.

Share Photos

Address issues quickly and avoid miscommunication.

Add photos from your desktop or take pictures on the job site with your mobile device.

Organize and sort photos by project and date.

Upload and share photos to keep your project on track.

Manage Your People with Ease

Service requests and time clock take the headache out of growing your business

Track Employees through Time Clock

Eliminate paperwork and inaccurate reporting.

Track hours by project so you can accurately job cost employees.

Connect time clock information directly to payroll to automatically organize hours into pay periods.

With the GPS functionality, track the location of employee punch times and compare them to the selected project. Get automatic alerts if a record was made outside of the boundaries of the project.

Collect project logs for hourly employees to see what tasks were handled at each project.

Keep track of your employees with GPS enabled clock in and out records.

Manage Payroll

Cut the payroll processing hassle.

Track employee hours on mobile devices and automatically sync with the payroll system.

Review clock-in and clock-out times and locations quickly and efficiently through the payroll tables. Once review is complete, simply export the hours to your payroll service or the QuickBooks payroll to cut checks directly.

Manage payroll easily and accurately.

Track Manpower

Track everyone on each site and review manpower logs of employees for any day or project.

Accurately track the location of all employees and connect locations to the time clock.

See where your employees are working based on GPS log-ins.

Manage Service Requests

Respond quickly and keep customers happy.

Manage resources and scheduling so you and your customers know when the service appointments are and what work is planned.

Make it easy for service personnel to see service requests on their mobile device, including photos or instructions on each item.

Enter service items manually or approve customer service requests directly.

Keep Everyone Working with Tasks

Manage Tasks

Tasks, daily logs and punch lists make it simple to communicate between the office and the job site

Manage Tasks

Don’t let items fall through the cracks.

Set priorities or deadlines and include photos and notes to tasks to better manage time and increase productivity.

Sync task management with the customer portal to keep them up-to-date on the project requirements and deadlines.

Create and manage synchronized task lists for yourself and others.

Create Daily Logs

Easily keep track of vital information.

Give field supervisors a simple-to-use daily log feature. Quickly add logs for the day by selecting from a simple list of options.

Record manpower on site by selecting a trade from the vendor list and adding the number of workers for the day.

Automatically record the days’ weather forecast and updates to the actual historical weather information.

Record detailed daily logs in a couple of minutes.

Manage Punch Lists

Don’t rely on paper or memory.

Give all users access to view, complete, or make notes on each deficiency item. This collaboration allows for more efficient use of your team’s time.

Add photos, tags and notes associated with punch list items.

Keep track of all items that require attention.